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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Our Engagement
               Engagement Party
               The Ring – Part 3
               The Ring – Part 2
               The Ring – Part 1
               It’s Official
Engagement Pictures
               Engagement Pictures: Round 2
               99 Red Balloons
               Knock, Knock
               Engagement Pictures
               Last Minute Decisions
               More Outfit Ideas
                Engagement Picture Outfit Idea
               New York: Engagement Photos
 The Venue
               Franklin Plaza Rave
               Reception Hall
               Franklin Plaza
               The Venue
               Venue Comparison Chart
               New York: Venues
               Reception Venues
 The Ceremony
               Survey Says
               I Do (Want You to Marry Us)
               Last Call
               Seeking out the Stragglers
               Mail from Mickey and Minnie
               Your Response is Requested
               Rowling Declines with Regret
               RSVP Update
               RSVP LOL
               RSVP Arrival
The Reception
               So Many Signs
               Signature Drinks
               Photo Booth Fun
               I SPY
               Second Try on Sashes
               Buyer Beware
               Sashes are In
               To Sash or Not To Sash
               The Shoe Game
               Eat, Drink, and Be Happy
Rehearsal Dinner
              Rehearsal Dinner
Save the Dates,Invitations, etc.
               What to Know About Wax 
               Signed, Sealed, Delivered
               Invites Assembled
               Envelopes Arrived
               Signed and Almost Sealed
               Outer Envelopes Ordered
               Another Stationary Steal
               Seal of Approval
               All Tied Up
               The Search for Outer Envelopes
               Elements of an Invitation
               Invitation Suite is Set
               They're Here
               Extra, Extra
               Stationary Steal
               The Honour of Your Presence
               Vistprint Dilemma
               Another Postcard
               P.S. Save the Date
               Guest List
               This Just In!
               Our Save the Dates!
               Save the Dates – Great Deal
               Guest List
 The Dress, Accessories, Etc.
               Perfect Fit
               Spare Pair
               Alterations:  Round 1
               Shoe Success
                      Alterations Appointment
               Seeing Double
               It's Here...Or Not
               Pearls Are Always Appropriate
               The Veil Unveiled
               Shoe Obsession
               The Veil
               It Has Arrived
               Please Mister Postman
               To Buy or Not to Buy?
               Say Yes to the Dress
               Dress Disaster
               Engagement Party and Dress Shopping
               Dress Shopping
Hair, Make-up, Etc.
               You're Beautiful It's True
               Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
              Beautiful Bouquets 
              This Ones For the Girls
              Are You Gonna Be My Girl
              Hey Mr. DJ
               Pro Pics are In
               There's an App for That
               And Action
               Lights, Camera, Action
The Honeymoon
               Hidden Honeymoon Fun
               Honeymoon Hype
               Just Cruising Along...Or Not
The Wedding Party
               Groomsmen Gift Meltdown
               Groomsmen Gifts - Finally!
               Groomsmen Gifts
               Happy Feet For All (Bridesmaids Keep Out)
               Bridesmaids Keep Out:  Again (]They've Arrived)
               Bridesmaids Keep Out: Part 3 (A.K.A. I Did It)
               Bridesmaids Keep Out:  Part 2
               Men's Wearhouse
               Survey Monkey (and Bridesmaids) to the Rescue
               Bridesmaids Dresses:  Round 3
               Team Bridesmaids:  Keep Out
               Bridesmaid Dress "Shopping":  Round 2
               Someday, Jumbo Butt Bows Will be the Rage
               27 Dresses
               Dress Dilemma 
               Bridesmaid Dress "Shopping"
               Team Bridesmaids
               The Bridesmaids
Wedding Rings
               Do You Have the Rings?
               Bridal Extravaganza/Wedding Bands
Wedding Registry
               Kohl's Chaos
               Take Caution with Kohl's
               Registry Rush
               Where to Register
               IKEA ILOVEU
               Department Store Wedding Registries
               Wedding Registry List/Stores
               Wedding Registry Sites
Planning and To-Do             
               5 Days
               Final Countdown
               Two Weeks To Go
               September Has Started
               Morning Of Timeline
               200 Days
               Astonishingly Average
               Too-Much To-Do List
               8 Months and Counting
               Morning Of Timeline
               You're Done Searching
               Busy, Busy, Busy
               Dates and Colors
               Wedding Music
Post Wedding
              Sneak Preview Pics
              That's All Folks
Deals, Giveaways, Etc.
              Michaels Madness
              Shutterfly Steal
              Macy's Dream Fund Contest
              Living Social Photobook Deal
              Pretty Pearls
              If I Had $100
              Previously Loved
              Michaels Madness
              Snapfish Deal
              Vistaprint Deal
              Wedding Vibe Giveaways
               Garter Art
               Bend and Snap (Bridesmaids Keep Out)
               Guest Book Number Two
               Welcome Bag Books DIY
               Welcome to Town
               How To:  Faded Pictures
               Guest Book
               Mail Merge
               Purposeful Printables
               Wedding Binder Revamp
               Testing 1,2,3, Testing
               Wedding Binder Links
               DIY Wedding Binder
               Happy Birthday to Me
               Our Home
               Bachelorette Bash
               Plenty of Packages
               Happy Homeowners
               Closing on the Calendar
               The Moment of Truth
               100 Days
               Bridal Shower
               Home Sweet Home
               Homeward Bound
               Mutual Weirdness
               Thinking of You
               I'll Be Right Here Waiting for You
               Vacation Mode


  1. I would love to talk with you more about your dress as I have the same dress too! My wedding is May 14th so I am hoping yours is before mine & you will post pictures form the day so I can see how a real person looks in the Belle Dress!!!

  2. Laura: Unfortunately my wedding is after yours (not until September 29), so I won't be of any help in that matter. I would love to compare what we're doing for accessories, etc. though. If you look at all of my posts under The Dress you'll see what I've come up with so far. I am just starting to work on deciding on shoes, jewelry,etc., so I'd love to see your ideas.