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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Astonishingly Average - Some Interesting Wedding Statistics

I just stumbled upon this updated infographic on wedding statistics.

I was curious to see how my fiance and I compare to everyone else.  What I found out - we appear to fall in with most other couples in the majority of our wedding decisions.

  • When did you say I love you?  I'm going with somewhere in the 1-6 month mark.  So we were the same as 48% of couples.
  • How long had you been dating before you met your fiance's parents? Like 44% of couples, I think I fall into the 1-6 month mark for this.  
  • How long was your engagement?  Almost exactly 15 months.  The same as 40% of other couples.
  • Did you hire help to plan?  No, we did it ourselves.  Again we were in the majority - 68% of couples planned by themselves.
  • On average how many hours per week did you spend planning your wedding?  I'm going to guess that we fall into the 1-9 hours per week range, just like 47% of couples.
  • At any point during your engagement did you say, "let's just elope"?  Yes, several times.  And apparently we weren't alone - 74% of couple shared the same thought at some point during their engagement.
  • Did you send out a save the date card, post-card, or magnet?  Apparently we were in the minority with our save the date postcards. Only 22% of couples opted for postcards, most sent out ordinary cards.
  •  What wedding color did you choose?  We picked the second most popular wedding color - purple.  Nearly 1/3 of brides (30%) opted for purple on their big day.  The most popular wedding color - blue (37%).
  • Wedding month:  September (one of the two most popular months for getting hitched)
  • Wedding day:  Sunday.  We were in the minority on this one.  67% of couples tie the knot on Saturdays.
  • Wedding Reception Location:  Like 39% of couples, we are having our wedding reception at a ballroom.  We might fall into the "Other" category (like 22% of couples) since ours is not a hotel ballroom, but an old bank restored/transformed into a ballroom.
  • Where are you taking your honeymoon?  We, along 55% of couples, are throwing on the sunblock and sipping mixed drinks with umbrella straws at our tropical destination.
How do you and your fiance compare?  Check out the information below?  Find anything surprising? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.  


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