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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Guest Book Number Two

I just posted earlier today about and their current deal on photo-books.  Well after seeing such a great deal, this got me thinking that maybe my first guest book, just wasn't enough.  The way I designed it, there are 9 pages (size 8x11) for guests to sign.  With almost 150 guests invited to the wedding, I was getting worried that might not be enough room.  So, with the deal going on, I opted to make a second, identical guest book.

This will ensure that all of our guests have plenty of room to sign, write messages, etc.  Also, this might eliminate all of the traffic of guests standing around one book to sign.  Seems like a good plan to me!

Michaels Madness

 For all of you DIY brides, I just found this coupon during my trip to Michaels today.  It valid for tomorrow (Sunday, June 30) only for 40% off your ENTIRE purchase.  They just had them sitting on the check-out counter.  I don't know if all stores will have the coupon or if will be in the paper tomorrow etc.  Just in case you're not able to find it, feel free to print off the one below.

Time to get my list together.  Happy Sunday and Happy shopping!

Second Try on Sashes

After my first sash disaster, I am attempting to order another set of chair sashes for wedding.  First, on a positive note, I was able to sell the first batch of sashes and get back some of my lost money (YAY!).  Second, I am ordering my new set of sashes through  After thoroughly reading customer reviews and researching them through the Better Business Bureau, I decided that things might actually work out this time.

These definitely weren't cheap though - they'll go down as one of my wedding splurges I guess.  Now, I just have to sit an wait (and get my iron ready to get out all of those wrinkles).  I will keep you posted on how things go with Sashes: Round 2.

Signed and Almost Sealed

If you remember, the fiance and I decided we would be adding wax seals to our invitations.  After some searching, I found the best deal on the wax sticks online.  Beware, if you are looking for any color other than white, gold, or silver, you will not find wax sticks in stores, you'll need to buy it online.

Anyway, we ordered out wax sticks from  Each pack of sealing wax comes with 6 sticks.  I've read on average (and airing on the safe side) you should assume that each wax stick will give you 5 seals. Based on this we went with 3 packs, which only cost us $29 including shipping!  I can't wait for it to get in, so we can finish up these invitations.

Also, from what I've read you can use these wax sticks in just a regular sized hot-glue gun.  We will see how that works out and I will keep you posted!

Outer Envelopes Ordered

After considering my option for outer envelopes I decided to go with  After you find them on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, they offer you a $5 off $25 or more purchase, making them the cheapest option.  I ended up paying $39 for 100 envelopes!  I took a chance and just ordered the dark purple envelopes without ordering a sample since their samples weren't cheap.  We'll see how it turns out.

I can't wait for these to come in.  We really have to get working on invitations.  Our goal is to have them in the mail by the last week of July (so soon!).

Shutterfly Steal

Right now you can go to and get an 8x11 photobook for just $9.  Use the code GUESTBOOK and you get the book for free and just have to pay shipping!  Awesome and these work great for wedding guestbooks.  

Check out our photo guestbook that I made here!

Closing on the Calendar

Since we moved back to New York (from Michigan) back in March, we've been living with my fiance's parents while we look for a house.  Well after only just 3 months, we found our house, put an offer in and had it inspected.  Everything is all set and our closing is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, July 3rd.  That means we'll be busy packing boxes, loading up vans and getting settled into our very own home.  That means I'll slow down on posts for a while, but don't worry I'll be back in time to tell you about all of the finishing touches before the wedding!

Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Stationary Steal

I got some great deals on our invitations a while back with  Well there was recently another Groupon of $17 for $70 worth of credit.  Since I had earned a bonus of $10 credit to my Groupon account for referring someone, the Groupon only costed me $7.

Using the Groupon, I just ordered 70 programs and 20 menus for only $14 including shipping.

I want to briefly talk about these two stationary items.  I originally wasn't going to do programs, probably for many of the reasons you've heard - they're unnecessary, outdated, a waste of money, environmentally un-friendly, no one actually looks at them.  Then I read something that changed my mind.  First, you'll have one to keep AND immediate family members will most likely want one.  Secondly, (this was the selling point for me) they're it's touch to send along with a Thank You card for guests that sent gifts, but didn't attend the wedding.

As for menus, again, they're another waste of paper.  However, I felt like it would be nice just to have on the table in case someone did want to look at it.  Maybe so they could pace themselves for our banana foster at the end of dinner (at leas that's my plan).  Anyway, I settled on picking up some little stands from the dollar store and putting two copies on the menu on the table (one on each half), so that anyone that wants to see it can.

And just because I love sharing, here are the final product designs.

Programs (I went for simplicity)

Menus (again simplicity)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Welcome Bag Books DIY

I just finished making my Welcome Bag Books!  The total cost of this project was $3 for 60 books ($2.50 for a pack of cardstock and $0.50 for the ribbon).  If you're interested, here's how I did it.

1.  Decide what information you're going to put in your book.  I included the a welcome note, contact info, wedding day timeline, directions and a map, local eats and shopping, local events, and info for our Wedding Party app.

2.  Type everything up and format it.  I used the standard 8.5" x 11" computer paper and cut it in half for the pages, so each "page" I created in Word looked like this.  Each page in Word was equal to two book pages.

3.  Decide what order your pages will be in and print the pages double sided accordingly.  I figured it out by printing out one 'draft' version of everything and moving it around in a good order and then numbered the pages.  Pages 1/2 would be printed double-sided, pages 3/4 would be printed double sided,etc.

4.  Print your pages and then cut each sheet in half.  You can use a paper cutter if you have access to one.  I just pulled out the sharpest pair of scissors I had and sat in front of the TV for a few hours. 
Note:  I printed my very first and very last page on cardstock.

5.  Take a half sheet of paper and create a guide for the hole punch.   I put exactly 2.1 cm between each hole punch and did 4 hole punches.  It worked perfectly.  

6.  Put each book's pages in order. 

7.  Using the guide, hole punch each book.

8.  Next, I stapled my book together, just to ensure that it stayed together. (One staple between Hole 1 and Hole 2 and another staple between Hole 3 and Hole 4 - see the numbering below).

9.  Finally, thread the ribbon through.  Starting from the back of the book and leaving about an inch of ribbon as a "tail", go up through Hole 1, down through Hole 2, up through Hole 3, and down through Hole 4.  Leave a "tail" of 1 inch of ribbon on that end too.

10.  Flip your book over to the back.  Take both tails (one coming out of Hole 1 and the other coming out of Hole 4 and glue them over the piece of ribbon already running through the back of the book.  It will look like this when done.

Welcome to Town

A lot of our guests (my family and most of our friends) will be coming from out of town for the wedding.  As a small way to thank these guests, we will be making Out of Town bags with goodies to put in the hotel rooms.  I also came up with a printable full of information to include in the bags.  And then, just yesterday, I thought why not make it a cute little book instead.  Hence, my newest DIY project.

The Moment of Truth

Until today, I had not posted since April 8 (over 2 months ago).  I admit, it's pretty bad.  However, I have been job hunting, we have been wedding planning, and we have been house hunting.  In fact, we are closing on our very first home next Wednesday, 3! (More to come on that later).

Anyway, I was chatting with my MOH last night and she mentioned my blogging and I realized that I hadn't in forever and that I'd missed out on so much.  So my goal between today and tomorrow is to back-track and back-date and share everything that has happened.  What that means for you?  If you want to keep up on my adventures start reading everything after my April 8th post.  I have added many on this morning and plan to add many more later.

After today my goal will be to keep current.  We'll see how it goes between moving, teaching summer schol, job hunting, and wedding planning.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shoe Success

With time running out until alterations, I hit the mall this weekend to find shoes.  After searching for forever, I've finally found the perfect pair!  (And they only cost my $28.87.  YAY! for DSW clearance).

Nina Corabel in Royal Silver

Friday, June 21, 2013

100 Days!

That's right!  There are only 100 days until the wedding.  I really need to get working on my list. Anyway, today also happens to be the fiance's birthday, so it's time to go celebrate.  Yay!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Alterations Appointment

I've FINALLY made my first appointment for dress alterations.  I'm going July 10 - less than a month from now!  And I still have to find shoes and decide on undergarments.  I better get started.

I'm also considering having bra cups sewn into my dress.  I did ask what the seamstress thought over the phone and she said she usually only recommends that for people with cup sizes B or smaller, so that you get the necessary support.  Unfortunately, I'm a C cup, but I do have a corset top on my dress, so we'll see what she thinks at the appointment.

Things to bring to your alterations appointment:
-Undergarments you plan to wear on the day of
-Shoes you plan to wear (or those of a similar height)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my bridal shower and it was PERFECT.  I had such a WONDERFUL time with my family and friends.  My bridesmaids did such an awesome job planning.

The party was tea party themed and there was so much tea and so much food - I couldn't believe it.  Everything was just over-the-top!  I also got so many gifts from our registry that I'm going to have to think of more things to register for.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Seal of Approval

After assembling an invitation my fiance decided that he wanted to incorporate a wax seal into the invitations, so that's what we're going to do.

We plan to do a dark purple seal on the inner white envelope for some nice contrast.  Before finalizing our decision though, we plan to do one and then send it to ourselves to make sure that it doesn't get ruined in the mail.  When we get to that step, I will let you know how it goes!

Note:  Do NOT put a seal on the outermost envelope.  It will get caught in the machines at the post office, causing your envelope to wrinkle or rip.

Monday, June 10, 2013

All Tied Up

We officially assembled our first invitation and here is what it looks like.  The outer envelope is just a sample, we still have to decide where we're getting them from.

Outer Envelope:  Dark purple 
Inner Envelope:  White
Invite, RSVP and envelope, and Insert all banded together with light purple ribbon.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Seeing Double

Just a few days ago I experienced little mix-up with my wedding day jewelry.  Well, I came home yesterday, to find not one, but two packages from  The first that I opened was the express delivery with the correct jewelry in it - YAY!  The second 'mystery' package was ALSO the correct jewelry.

I have decided that the first piece of jewelry that I received was actually meant for someone else and my correct order just hadn't arrived yet.  They then express shipped me the correct order when I complained.  And then I also received my actual order.

In the end, I have to say that had excellent customer service.  I am also pleased with the quality of the jewelry.  No it is NOT real, so if that is what you want, don't order from this site.  However, for what it is it is great quality and I am very happy with my order.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It's Here...Or Not

I recently ordered my wedding day jewelry from .  I was beyond excited when I saw it had arrived in the mail yesterday.  However, the real surprise was when I opened the package.

I was expecting this:
But what I found was this:

I immediately contacted the site yesterday and have already heard back.  They said they will be express shipping the correct piece.  It should be here in 2 days (fingers-crossed).