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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

5 Days

I don't know where the time is going, but we only have 5 days left until the wedding.  Fortunately, almost everything is done.  Our list of things left to do is almost finished!

·                     Find/buy lip color
·                     Gift card for sister
·                     Assemble welcome bags
·                     Write thank you cards for wedding party/family
·                     Wrap gifts
·                     Decide on underwear
·                     Get mimosa supplies

Oh and get ready for the honeymoon of course!!  In exactly one week from today, we'll be in Jamaica sipping delicious drinks on the beach.  Time can't go fast enough.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

So Many Signs

Not really, but it sure feels that way.  We made up signs for our signature drinks (2 copies - one for cocktail hour and one for the reception) and then we made this sign to go at our guestbook table.  I just wanted something small and cute to go there.  We printed all of our signs on cream colored cardstock and put them in silver frames.  I wanted to share a picture of how they turned out, but they're already at the venue.

Signature Drinks

              After thinking long and hard, we were finally able to come up with our signature drinks.  Here's what we're having.  Wedding Bells if my fiances go to drink and I have a feeling that there won't be too many people ordering that one, but had to add it!  Dreaming of You is a drink that my fiance made up for me one day when we were out at the bar.  And Wedding Cake is just something I found that sounded absolutely delicious and we had to add it.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Final Countdown!

Exactly 1 week until the wedding.   We have our final meeting with our venue tomorrow, so we have to get everything ready to drop off.  With that being said, it's crunch time - so much to get done today!

I'll update later.  :-)

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Perfect Fit

I had my final fitting yesterday (which one of my awesome bridesmaids traveled down for to learn how to do the bustle) and everything was perfect.

I couldn't have been happier with how the dress turned out.  My seamstress also sewed in the blue heart into the dress as a last minute request and didn't charge any extra to do it.  (I decided to use an old blue shirt of my grandfathers, who passed away a few years ago, and have a heart cut from it to sew into my dress over my heart).

So now I have my dress back home (YAY!) and my something blue for the big day.
Note:  I had my heart done a little differently.  This was my inspiration picture.  I'll post mine later.  :-)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Groomsmen Gift Meltdown

On September 11th we ordered our groomsmen gifts and the seller (located in Hong Kong) shipped them us (located in NY) the next day.  After she shipped them, she gave me the tracking number, which I immediately looked up.  It had the message:  Origin post preparing shipment, loosely translated, "your package is waiting to go through customs".  However, 8 days after she shipped it, it still just had the same message. 

I decided to call USPS.   The woman I spoke to informed me that it could take up to a month to clear customs in Hong Kong and then another month to clear customs in the US and THEN it could be shipped to me.  In other words, I was looking at upwards of 2 months until the package arrived and there were 10 days until the wedding - probably not going to work.

In a panic yesterday morning, I emailed the seller and ask if she could resend the same order with express shipping (at my expense) after explaining the whole situation.  About an hour after I sent this email, I received an update from USPS, informing me that my package was in NY at a post office only about 4 hours away.  So in a matter of an hour, my package went from a sorting facility in Hong Kong, through their customs, through US customs, and made it's way to NY.  Talk about fast service.  Fortunately, I was able to message the seller and tell her that everything was alright and the package would arrive on time.  

Morals of the story:  (1) Don't trust USPS tracking and (2) start early if you're shopping online (and allow over 2 months if your package is coming from another country).  Lessons learned.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Groomsmen Gifts - Finally!

The first plan for the groomsmen was to get them these awesome ski socks.  All of the groomsmen ski, so he was going to get him these socks and a gift card to have their skis tuned, waxed, and sharpened next year.

However, he decided that gift cards were to boring and that he wanted something else, but had no idea what.  So at the 2 week mark, I was FINALLY able to convince my fiance that he needed to decide on his groomsmen gifts.

After throwing around idea after idea, he settled on getting all of his groomsmen a set of cufflinks.  He will be getting bullet shell cufflinks for his brother and One Piece (an anime show) cufflinks for the other guys.  And since we already bought the socks, the groomsmen are receiving ski socks and cufflinks - a little bit of an odd combination, but at least we've figured it out.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two Weeks To Go!

Exactly TWO weeks left to go - only 14 days!

Things still left to do:
  • Book manicure/pedicure for day before
  • Find/buy lip color
  • Guest bag goodies
  • Bathroom basket supplies
  • Groomsmen gift (ordered, just waiting to arrive)
  • Sisters gifts
  • Write thank you cards for wedding party/family
  • Wrap gifts
  • Finalize music choices/meet with DJ (this Wednesday)
  • Find extra camcorder
  • Email photographer final "must take" list
  • Meet with venue for final time
  • Make signature drink sign
  • Print escort cards
  • Assemble menu holders
  • Frame for signature drink sign
  • Pens/markers for guest book
  • Final alterations (this Friday)
  • Decide on underwear
  • Order cupcakes
  • Stamp cupcake boxes
  • Bring bouquet charms to florist
  • Pull apart flower petals for ceremony
  • Decide on wine bottle for rehearsal dinner
How are there still so many things left to do??

Oh and we have to pack for our honeymoon!!!  (Leaving for Jamaica in 16 days!!!)

Monday, September 9, 2013

Garter Art

I searched everywhere for a pretty and reasonably priced garter with NO SUCCESS.  Craft stores sold cheap ones, but they looked cheap.  The ones that I wouldn't mind wearing cost no less than $50 and the ones that I really wanted were priced at $80 and up.

So being as cheap frugal as I am, I decided to make my own.


  • 4 ft. of stretch lace (found at Hobby Lobby) - with 40% off coupon $1.50
  • Metallic "stickers" 3 pack (found at Michael's) - with 50% off coupon $1.50
  • Floral embellishment 2 pack (found at Michael's) - with 50% off coupon $1.50
  • Needle and white thread
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun

1.  Buy stretch lace and an embellishments you want for your garter.  Determine how much lace you need by measuring around the area of your thigh you want to wear the garter on (I doubled that length because I wanted to make a set).

2.  Wrap lace around thigh and cut to desired length.  Sew ends together using matching thread.

3.  Attach embellishments.  I hot-glued everything on with small amounts of glue and then sewed them on as well.  This will vary depending on what you use.

4.  Flip garter inside out.  Roll onto something to hold its shape (I used a rolled up newspaper in a plastic bag, a magazine in a bag would work just as well).  
5.  Create a zig-zag pattern with the hot glue along both the top and bottom of the garter.  Let dry.  This will help to keep the garter from sliding down your leg.  

Here is the end result (garter set for under $5):

Happy Birthday To Me!

My birthday present - 20 days until the wedding!  Ahh!!!!  I can't believe it's so close.  So many things to still cross of my list, though we did make some progress this past weekend.  My fiance was AWESOME and finished ironing the last of the chair sashes for me.  He ordered his groomsmen gifts finally - I'll be sharing those soon.  I finished up part of my bridesmaids gift and we figured out gifts for the parents - also coming soon.  We also met with our venue coordinator for our second to last time and figured out some things.  AND we officially applied for our marriage license!!!  For now I'm going to go and enjoy my birthday, but I'll come back to update you on all of our progress.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Last Call

After pulling together all of my resources (including facebook messaging a friend to ask for someone else's email address since fiance doesn't know how to contact this person) I was able to get back the final RSVP's.  I can't believe how many people did NOT send in their RSVP's - instead I received responses in person, over the phone, via text message, on Facebook, even carrier pigeon (not really, but one of my fiance's friends threw it out there as an option).

Anyway, all of that aside, we are having a grand total of 95 guests (not including ourselves) at the wedding (we invited a total of 149,so that means 37% declined).  Our minimum (a.k.a. the number of guests we're paying for no matter what is 110), bringing us 13 shy if you include us.  So we met with our venue and they were EXTREMELY generous and added on a bunch of extras to make up for the difference.  This is what they had told us they would do in the case that we came out below the 110 minimum, but we had no idea how generous they'd be.

I'd share, but I don't want to give anything away in case any guests are reading.  I'll be sure to fill you in post-wedding.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Bend and Snap (Bridesmaids Keep Out)

I FINALLY finished the hangers for my bridesmaids dresses and I'm BEYOND happy with how they turned out.

Here's what I used:

  • 12 Gauge Hanger Wire (100ft. roll), bought at Home Depot for $5.99

  • Wooden Hangers (6 pack), bought at Home Depot for $6.99
  • Ribbon (extra that I had from invitations, but you can pick up a roll from any craft store)
  • Pair of Wire Cutters and Pliers
  • Drill
  • Hot glue gun
1.  Cut 6 ft. of wire per name.  
2.  Leaving about 6 inches on the end, start to create their name. (You can print out their names in a nice font and try to follow it, but I found that free-styling worked much better for me.)
3.  If your hangers have a pant bar like mine did, you'll need to remove those.  I found that if you just pulled on it firmly the bars came right out.  
4.  Drill (or have fiance drill) holes for the wire to be inserted into.  The holes that we drilled were basically right where the holes for the pant bar were.  
5.  Center the name on the hanger and cut off the extra wire, leaving some extra to insert into the holes.
6.  Put a blog of hot glue in one hole and insert the end of the wire, pushing firmly.
7.  Repeat for the other end of the wire in the other hole.
8.  Decorate however you'd like.  I made little bows from ribbon with tacky glue and then attached them to the hangers with hot glue.

Here's the finished product (6 hangers for $12.98) (I left mine off since it's Mrs. "_______").  

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Seeking out the Stragglers

Today's mail just arrived we are still missing 8 RSVP's (out of 149) - and they were due 8 days ago!!!  I can't believe this - we've even called, emailed and texted people.  The update on the breakdown is below:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

September has Started

September has started, which means that I'm getting married THIS month!  We have 28 days until our wedding and so much left to do.
  •          Apply for marriage certificate
  •          Book manicure/pedicure for day before
  •          Book hotel for wedding night
  •          Get guest bag goodies
  •          Bathroom basket supplies
  •          Iron sashes
  •          Parent gifts
  •          Groomsmen gifts
  •          Sister gifts
  •          Finish hangers
  •          Thank you cards for wedding party/family
  •          Wrap gifts
  •          Finalize music choices
  •          Email music to DJ
  •          Meet with DJ
  •          Find extra camcorder
  •          Email videographer info sheet
  •          Email photographer final photo list
  •          Decide on order of events for reception
  •          Meet with Joe for final time
  •     Late night station sign
  •       Decide on signature drinks
  •          Signature drink signs
  •          Print table numbers
  •          Print escort cards
  •          Find bases for table number and menu holders
  •          Frames for signature drink sign/cheesy toast sign
  •          Pens/markers for guest book
  •          Finish dress alterations
  •          Have heart sewn into dress
  •          Decide on bra
  •          Decide on underwear
  •          Make garter
  •          Order cupcakes
  •          Buy cupcake box labels
  •          Get charm for bouquet
  •          Bring both charms to florist at final meeting
  •          Wine glasses for ceremony
  •          Pull apart flower petals
  •          Decide on wine bottle for rehearsal dinner

The list just keeps growing!  So much to do and so little time.