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Sunday, September 1, 2013

September has Started

September has started, which means that I'm getting married THIS month!  We have 28 days until our wedding and so much left to do.
  •          Apply for marriage certificate
  •          Book manicure/pedicure for day before
  •          Book hotel for wedding night
  •          Get guest bag goodies
  •          Bathroom basket supplies
  •          Iron sashes
  •          Parent gifts
  •          Groomsmen gifts
  •          Sister gifts
  •          Finish hangers
  •          Thank you cards for wedding party/family
  •          Wrap gifts
  •          Finalize music choices
  •          Email music to DJ
  •          Meet with DJ
  •          Find extra camcorder
  •          Email videographer info sheet
  •          Email photographer final photo list
  •          Decide on order of events for reception
  •          Meet with Joe for final time
  •     Late night station sign
  •       Decide on signature drinks
  •          Signature drink signs
  •          Print table numbers
  •          Print escort cards
  •          Find bases for table number and menu holders
  •          Frames for signature drink sign/cheesy toast sign
  •          Pens/markers for guest book
  •          Finish dress alterations
  •          Have heart sewn into dress
  •          Decide on bra
  •          Decide on underwear
  •          Make garter
  •          Order cupcakes
  •          Buy cupcake box labels
  •          Get charm for bouquet
  •          Bring both charms to florist at final meeting
  •          Wine glasses for ceremony
  •          Pull apart flower petals
  •          Decide on wine bottle for rehearsal dinner

The list just keeps growing!  So much to do and so little time.  

1 comment:

  1. How exciting! Good luck with the to-do list! :D