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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Guest List

Now that the Save the Dates have arrived, the dreaded topic of the guest list has come up again.  We have made multiple drafts on various occasions.  We now have our A list (wouldn't get married without them), B list (would love to have them there) and our C list (not too sure about them).  The problem now is deciding where to make the cuts.  Also, I have recently started  a new teaching job at small school (I only have 8 coworkers).  I have become friends with 2 or 3 of the ladies that I work with and would love to invite them.  However, there are two problems with that:

1.  We haven't been friends very long.  I don't want them to think that I expect them to travel 12 hours from Michigan to New York just to come to the wedding.  And then I don't want them to think that I expect them to not come and still give a gift.  They are just B list people - would love to share the day with them, but it won't be the end of the world if they can't make it.  In fact, as I said it's so far away that I honestly wouldn't expect them to make the trip, but would still love it they did.

2.  I only have co workers.  That means that everyone will know who I invited and who I didn't.  This is my first year there and I don't want to cause any trouble with the groups dynamic.

We don't need a final list until January, but we both find the task overwhelming.   Please share your thoughts and advice. How did you make the cuts?

This Just In!

So our Save the Dates arrived in the mail today (you can read about them here and here).  I wasn't expecting them until next Tuesday, so that was a nice surprise.  They turned out EXCELLENT.  I couldn't be happier with the quality \and design of the cards.  If you want to know what the look like, check out my last post.  We went with all black and white for the cards, so now we really want black and white stamps (personalized ones maybe?).  Has anyone else done this?

The deal on the Save the Dates was too good to not pass up, even though our wedding isn't for another 11 months.  Now its so tempting to start showing everyone, but I have to wait.  We aren't planning on sending them out until February (7 months before the wedding).

I'd love to see some more Save the Date ideas. Feel free to share! :)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Save the Dates!

The following is our Save the Dates that we ordered (read about that here).  They are oversized postcards.

This is the front.

And this is the back.  The upper left-hand corner also has our names and return address printed on it.

I am so excited to have these done!  I can't wait for them to get here.  The latest is going to be next Tuesday.  I will let everyone know how they turn out.

The next challenge is going to be finalizing the guest list, so that we know who to address all of these postcards to!

Save the Dates - Great Deal

We have officially purchased our Save the Dates.  

Staples currently has a 40% off of custom prints offer, PLUS 6.5% cash back through EBates, PLUS if you buy 250 colored prints you get another 250 free.
So, that means you can get 500 colored cards for around $80 including tax. And you get free shipping (cards arrive in 7 business days). What a steal.

I opted out of the colored prints (we wanted black and white) and got 250 prints for $65.

In case you don't know, EBates is a free way to earn cash back. You create an account (which automatically earns you $5) and then you earn a certain percent back on on-line orders (this varies by store and changes throughout the year).
If you're not already a member and want to sign-up I would appreciate if you use the link below (everytime someone uses your link to sign-up you earn another $5). It's a great site and everything adds up. And then every so often (I believe every 3 months) the site just sends you a check for the amount that you've earned.

Anyways, once you have your account set up (or if you already have one) just type in Staples Copy and Print into the search bar (you will see a 6.5% next to it), CLICK on this. On this new page you will see various coupons/coupon codes. The top one says 40% off custom prints (exp. 10/31/12). Click on the corresponding button that says shop now and you will be taken to the staples web-site. Start your oder and you will automatically get the 40% off and 6.5% added to your EBates account.

Again, here's my EBates link. Click on it to start an account (plus you'll earn $5 for yourself and $5 for me). Start saving today!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dress Disaster

As I talked about here, I have already found THE dress.  However, I found it while I was  home in Maryland for my engagement party, but I plan to buy it here in Michigan.  THE dress is part of Alfred Angelo's Disney Fairytale collection (Belle's dress).

So I called Alfred Angelo's a few days ago and basically told them that I knew what dress I wanted and was planning on coming in to try it on one more time/figure out all of the logistics of ordering.  They set me up with an appointment earlier today.

After an hour drive I arrived at their store.  I wasn't greeted for at least 5 minutes even though I was the only customer in the store (they had recently opened for the day) and the sales women was only a few feet away from me.  Finally, after introducing herself, she went over to the computer to check me in.

Apparently, I wasn't in the system for my appointment.  I explained that when I had called to make the appointment the women on the phone was having some trouble with the computer and kept losing my information.  She told me that she would write it in though and that I would be all set for my appointment......apparently that wasn't the case.

So, after waiting at least another 10 minutes, the sales woman agreed to take me for an appointment (still no one else in the store).  She kept asking which dresses I'd like to try on and I repeatedly told her that it would only be one dress - THE dress.  After that was established, she took another 10 minutes just to find the dress (after getting one wrong dress and bringing it to me).  I had even pointed right to the rack where the dress was, shown her a picture, and given her the style number.

Then came her attempt at getting the gown on me.  She seemed to have no idea what she was doing.  I ended up just telling her what to do.  She then proceeded to explain how she was still very new.  This was her first week of work (and she was apparently just left to figure things out on her own).

Fortunately, none of that mattered after I had the dress on.  <3  While admiring the dress (and myself in the dress I suppose) I asks the sales woman what the policy was on keeping the dress at the store between alternations.  I had read this particular stores reviews online and a common topic was that the stores gave you "x" number of days to pick up your dress after it arrived and then you were stuck with it.  It was your job to bring it back and forth for alterations and such.

That would not work for me since I live in an apartment (that's already too small) with my fiance.  She kept repeating that, "usually brides want their dress with them , so they keep it at home," avoiding answering my question.  I eventually gave up and decided I would ask someone else later.  Finally, she got me out of the dress and I was ready to order.  She then explained to me that they don't do dress orders on Sunday because there is no one there to do measurements.  I was confused as to why they had scheduled me for a Sunday then, when I had made it clear that I was planning to order the dress that day.

With that, I politely thanked the sales woman for her time and headed home.  Unfortunately, this is the only place within 200 miles of me that sells my dress, so it looks like I just have to suck it up and deal with them.  I am considering finding a local shop for alterations.  Then, after the dress comes in I won't have any reason to go back there.

Any dress stories? Feel free to share.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Engagement Party and Dress Shopping

My fiancĂ© and I just got back home late last night after our engagement party.  We had so much fun.  It was so nice seeing all of our friends and family.  All of our immediate family was there, along with the majority of our wedding party (everyone but the best man was able to make it)!   Now that it's over, that means that we have just under a year until the big day- WOW!  Where did all of that time go?  We were talking on the flight home last night, and neither of us can believe that we've already been engaged for 2 months.  With that said, we are getting back into wedding planning mode.  As I mentioned here, I did go dress shopping while I was home in Maryland.  And, it just so happens, I found THE dress.  It's part of Alfred Angelo's Disney Fairytale Wedding Collection.  It's called the Belle Platinum.  I will add pictures later!  I can't believe how easy the whole process was.  I began my search at David's Bridal where I tried on about 15 dresses.  My next appointment was at Alfred Angelo's where this was the 3rd dress that I tried on.  I was supposed to have two appointments later that day, but I immediately called and cancelled.  Between the engagement party and the dress, everything is coming together and making me realize that this is actually happening.  Less than a year away, we can't wait!

Anyways, time to get to work on some Thank You cards for gifts from the engagement party.

EDIT:  Read about my dress shopping adventures here.