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Monday, October 22, 2012

Save the Dates - Great Deal

We have officially purchased our Save the Dates.  

Staples currently has a 40% off of custom prints offer, PLUS 6.5% cash back through EBates, PLUS if you buy 250 colored prints you get another 250 free.
So, that means you can get 500 colored cards for around $80 including tax. And you get free shipping (cards arrive in 7 business days). What a steal.

I opted out of the colored prints (we wanted black and white) and got 250 prints for $65.

In case you don't know, EBates is a free way to earn cash back. You create an account (which automatically earns you $5) and then you earn a certain percent back on on-line orders (this varies by store and changes throughout the year).
If you're not already a member and want to sign-up I would appreciate if you use the link below (everytime someone uses your link to sign-up you earn another $5). It's a great site and everything adds up. And then every so often (I believe every 3 months) the site just sends you a check for the amount that you've earned.

Anyways, once you have your account set up (or if you already have one) just type in Staples Copy and Print into the search bar (you will see a 6.5% next to it), CLICK on this. On this new page you will see various coupons/coupon codes. The top one says 40% off custom prints (exp. 10/31/12). Click on the corresponding button that says shop now and you will be taken to the staples web-site. Start your oder and you will automatically get the 40% off and 6.5% added to your EBates account.

Again, here's my EBates link. Click on it to start an account (plus you'll earn $5 for yourself and $5 for me). Start saving today!

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