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Monday, September 16, 2013

Groomsmen Gifts - Finally!

The first plan for the groomsmen was to get them these awesome ski socks.  All of the groomsmen ski, so he was going to get him these socks and a gift card to have their skis tuned, waxed, and sharpened next year.

However, he decided that gift cards were to boring and that he wanted something else, but had no idea what.  So at the 2 week mark, I was FINALLY able to convince my fiance that he needed to decide on his groomsmen gifts.

After throwing around idea after idea, he settled on getting all of his groomsmen a set of cufflinks.  He will be getting bullet shell cufflinks for his brother and One Piece (an anime show) cufflinks for the other guys.  And since we already bought the socks, the groomsmen are receiving ski socks and cufflinks - a little bit of an odd combination, but at least we've figured it out.

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