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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Groomsmen Gifts

After my recent bridesmaid gift purchase, my fiance I decided it was time to figure out groomsmen gifts.  We'd gone through the standard ideas:  flasks, mugs, pint glasses, booze, pretty much anything booze related, and cuff links.  None of that would do - my fiance wanted something different.

During our discussion yesterday, we realized that all of his groomsmen love to ski (they've all gone on multiple ski trips together) and so he wanted to get them a gift related to that.  What we came up with:  extremely awesome ski socks.  My fiance and I both ski and we both own these socks (we actually bought them for each other one Christmas without knowing) and we LOVE them.  They are sweat-wicking and padded in all of the necessary areas to make ski boots comfortable (which if you ski, you know how difficult that is to do).

So we went with socks for each guy and will be adding in a gift certificate to their local sports store good for their next ski "check-up" (waxing, sharpening, tuning, etc.)  We haven't bought the gifts cards yet - we are holding out to make sure they don't have some sort of deal on them sometime soon.

Total cost:  $40 for the socks (including shipping) + $120 for the gift cards = $160 for 4 groomsmen.  

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