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Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Stationary Steal

I got some great deals on our invitations a while back with  Well there was recently another Groupon of $17 for $70 worth of credit.  Since I had earned a bonus of $10 credit to my Groupon account for referring someone, the Groupon only costed me $7.

Using the Groupon, I just ordered 70 programs and 20 menus for only $14 including shipping.

I want to briefly talk about these two stationary items.  I originally wasn't going to do programs, probably for many of the reasons you've heard - they're unnecessary, outdated, a waste of money, environmentally un-friendly, no one actually looks at them.  Then I read something that changed my mind.  First, you'll have one to keep AND immediate family members will most likely want one.  Secondly, (this was the selling point for me) they're it's touch to send along with a Thank You card for guests that sent gifts, but didn't attend the wedding.

As for menus, again, they're another waste of paper.  However, I felt like it would be nice just to have on the table in case someone did want to look at it.  Maybe so they could pace themselves for our banana foster at the end of dinner (at leas that's my plan).  Anyway, I settled on picking up some little stands from the dollar store and putting two copies on the menu on the table (one on each half), so that anyone that wants to see it can.

And just because I love sharing, here are the final product designs.

Programs (I went for simplicity)

Menus (again simplicity)

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