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Monday, March 11, 2013

And Action

So just over a month ago my fiance and I started considering a videographer for the wedding.  About a week later we made the final decision to go ahead with it, but I just realized that I never posted an update.  We will be going with the videographer, Keith Forman, that I talked about in the last post.  He will be recording 9 1/2 hours of the wedding for only $450!!!  No editing, so we will just get the raw footage, but we decided that's all we really need.  In fact, it might even be a fun project to take on editing it ourselves.  His online sample videos look great too.  I am very excited and glad that we have a videographer nailed down.

He also offered to throw in a second camera for only $150 more or $600 total.  Always just one more decision to make.    

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