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Friday, January 4, 2013

This Ones For the Girls

So after realizing that it's about time to start contacting florists, I decided that it was time to get an idea of what I wanted for the bouquets.

I was on Pinterest (a link to my page here) and completely fell in love with this:
I love this bouquet!  Especially the lilies.

I absolutely LOVE everything about this bouquet.  I would not change a single thing. Since I know nothing about flowers (at all), I emailed this picture to a florist to find out more about it.

Just in case anyone was wondering (since I've seen them all over Pinterest) the lilies in the picture are Mini Picassa Calla Lillies - that specifically refers to those lilies with the white and purple colors.

The other flowers in the bouquet are purple and white stock.  The florist that I contacted highly recommended NOT using those.  Specifically the purple ones.  Apparently they bleed - ALOT.  And purple bleeding flowers would not pair well with my perfectly white dress.  She did recommend using purple hydrangea, lisianthus for other purple blooms in place of them.  

Any other brides out there that would like to share their bouquets?  I'm suddenly very excited about them!


  1. That is surprisingly similar to mine! I had white, dark purple and picasso callas in mine. Note: they are not exactly the most affordable flowers out there :-S

  2. I am waiting to hear back on some quotes, but that's what I was kind of worried about. I am in LOVE with the picasso callas though - I MUST have them!