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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hey Mr. DJ

So a few days ago we officially booked our DJ - Jeffrey Scott.  He came highly recommended by the venue and he has awesome reviews!  He has 83 reviews and they're all 5 out of 5's.

And he is actually DJ'in the Saturday wedding at the Franklin Plaza the day before our wedding, so he can just leave his equipment there.  Because of that he's waiving the set-up fee.  However, it still seemed kind of pricey - $1250 for 6 hours (plus the half hour before the wedding starts - he'll be set-up by then so that music is going as guests arrive).  How much did you pay for your DJ?

On another note, now that he's booked we have our music planning sheet to start working on.  Neither of us have any clue as to what music we want for anything.  What songs did you pick for those big moments at the wedding - first dance, mother daughter dance, father daughter dance, cake cutting, etc.

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