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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Purposeful Printables

Ok, so I just posted about my revamped wedding binder and the useless printables that I wasted my time with.  Here are some that were actually helpful!

#1) Calendar - I am getting a lot of use out of my calendar printable.  I do have my own planner, but it was convenient to keep all of the wedding stuff (including a calendar) all in the binder together.

#2) Guest List(and Guest Address) - I didn't use any fancy printables for this one.  Just a plain old simple spreadsheet.  And I will tell you why.  If you ever plan to have guest addresses printed on anything, it is most convenient to do have it already set-up in Excel.  I have two sheets made up in that template (Sheet 1 if for addresses with 3 lines and Sheet is for addresses with 4 lines).  If you want addresses printed on Save the Dates, Invitations, etc. use this template and have the printing company (i.e. Staples, Office Depot, etc.) just mail merge the addresses.

#3) Registry - For this one I just had a sheet protector for each store registry that I started to keep all of the loose papers in (i.e. business cards, brochures, etc.)  Also, if you're wondering where to register, check out my comparison of department store registries here (and see who the winner was).

#4) Budget - I used this Budget Breakdown worksheet in my binder.  After we set out budget, this gave us a good place to start and I found that we constantly referred back to it after getting price quotes to see if we were within our range.  I also kept my own Excel spreadsheet on my computer to use to continuously track our expenses.  Download the xls. format (then you will have the spreadsheet).  Columns A and D are for you to describe what you spent money on (i.e. deposit for DJ) and then B and E are where you record the cost of that expense.  Column A/B were for purchases you already made and D/E were for ones you expected to make. The spreadsheet will continue to add all of your expenses for you.  I printed this out about once every week or two and put a new copy into my binder.

#5)  Decorations - I just put a few page protectors in this section and threw inspiration pictures in here that I found on-line (Pinterest for the win!) or in magazines.  Eventually I will be adding receipts for anything that I buy in regards to decorations.

#6) Stationary - I printed out this super helpful PDF, Wedding Stationary 101.  It's already come in handy a few times.  It provides a nice breakdown of what you'll need and when you need it by, etc.  As I've ordered things (i.e. our Save the Dates) I put a receipt along with a keepsake copy into a page protector.

#7) Rehearsal Dinner - I just had a single page protector in here and put in brochures, menus, etc. as I got them.  Not much to add to that as of now (especially since my fiance's parents are planning it).

#8) Ceremony - This section is getting quite full!  I don't know if this is how every officiant is, but ours gave us a ton of information - a giant packet that I just hole punched and put directly into the binder.  Before that, I just had a page protector and added information as I got it (i.e. business cards, cost of ceremony, etc.)  I also added a second page protector for when I start to collect ideas for readings, vows, etc.

#9) Flowers - First, I printed a version of this checklist for wedding flowers.  I also had a page protector where I threw in inspirational photos.  Later I added a second to put my florists information.

#10) DJ/Music - I had printed out a random sheet for this (that doesn't exist anymore), but I would recommend against that anyways.  I recently booked our DJ and I learned that each DJ has the own way of doing things and their own form that works for them.  So save yourself some time and effort and just wait.  If you're super impatient here is what my DJ provided me with.  Throughout the planning process if I thought of a song I wrote it down on what paper I could find nearby and tossed it into a page protector in the section for safe keeping.

#11)  Photographer - I added a list of my wedding day VIP's (i.e. family and wedding party members) and specified which combinations of pictures I wanted (in the list template I provided I left the combinations I was doing to give you an idea).  Under the VIP list I wrote the persons name and wrote their relationship to me in parenthesis.  Providing this to your photographer allows them to know who he needs to corral for the next photo, so things can run smoothly.  You could also add a page protector for picture ideas, but I opted to just create a Pinterest board (YAY!) of photos I liked and sent that to my photographer.

#12) Cake - This was another basic one.  I just had a page protector for when I came along something I liked.  I also added this Wedding Cake Serving Chart.  I am probably going with cupcakes, so I won't need it, but it seems helpful if you're doing cake.

#13) Guest Accommodations - I had two sleeves here - one for our hotel block that we reserved and related information and another sleeve for welcome bag ideas.  If you are providing transportation for your guests you could also include that in this section.

#14) Gifts - Again, just two sheet protectors right now - one for gift ideas for the wedding party and the other for gifts for family members.

#15) Bride - More page protectors.  I had one for my dress, one for my accessories, and one for my hair and make-up.  I also added this timeline for wedding dress shopping/alterations into this section.  (Since it is on the you will have to create an account/log-in to view it I think.  They have a lot of great information on there anyway, so if you don't have an account you might want one!)

#16) Bridesmaids - I just made up a typed word document with all of their contact information (i.e. name, address, phone #, and email) just in case!  Next, I had this sheet to keep track of who needed to order, pick-up or alter their dress.  Also a page protector for dress inspiration.

#17/#18) Groom/Groomsmen - These two sections can really be combined as far as I am concerned (I just haven't gotten around to doing it yet).  I haven't made it yet, but I plan to add a sheet to keep track of the guys' tuxes just like I made above for the bridesmaids dresses.  I also have a word document with their contact info here.

#19) Honeymoon - Empty for now!  I plan to start adding to it once we have a general idea of what we want to do.

Well I hope that all of this helps you in your wedding planning!  Feel free to comment with any questions at all.

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