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Monday, January 28, 2013

Morning Of Timeline

So we finally figured out the hair and make-up situation.  Now we have to figure out exactly when everything needs to happen.

After talking to the photographer and the stylists that will be doing all of the hair and make-up, this is what I've come up with.

8- 10AM - Just Glamorous doing my hair/make-up
10 - 11AM - Getting dress on/final touches/relaxing (I know - I'm so funny)
11-11:30AM - First look (start at hotel, then possibly go to downtown for some more pictures)
11:30- 1:45 - Bridal party pics, followed by family pics
2:00 Ceremony


8 - 10:30AM - Hair/make-up
10:30 - Finishing touches/helping me get ready/awesome getting ready pics
11-11:30 - Gather up everyone for pictures/relax (I know - so funny)
11:30 - 1:45 - Pictures
2:00 - Ceremony

Overall Picture Schedule
8-11AM - getting ready pictures
11-11:30/12PM - first look pictures
11:30/12 - 1:45PM - bridal party/family pictures
2-3:00PM - ceremony time 
3-4:30PM - cocktail "hour"
4:30-8:30PM - reception

That means that we will be having 12 hours worth of pictures taken!  WOW!  Does that sound right to everyone else?  I don't know how it typically works.  We got very lucky - dad is a photographer (check out our engagement pictures that he took) and so is his best friend - his best friend will be doing the whole day as a favor (and I'm sure my dad won't be able to stop himself from snapping some shots).  

How many hours of photos are you having taken?  How long are you setting aside for portrait type pictures - we have about 3 hours.  And are you doing a first look?  Please share!!

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