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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Do (Want You to Marry Us)

My fiance and I are beyond relieved to have found a reverend to marry us.  I am Catholic and he is Jewish, so we knew that we wanted to do an interfaith ceremony, but didn't know how to find someone willing to do it.  Thankfully, we discovered A Beautiful Affair of the Heart.  They are a group of ministers and officiants that all work together and conduct Celebrant weddings.  From the research I've done, this means that they conduct civil-secular, non-denominational  religious, spiritual, and multicultural ceremonies.  Loosely translated, they will basically do whatever you want done in the ceremony and incorporate aspects from whatever religion(s), culture(s), etc. that you want.   

This is exactly what we were looking for.  We've gone from being stressed about the ceremony, to being extremely excited.  We can't wait to work with our reverend to design our ceremony.  We will receive a survey that we need to fill out individually to help the reverend get to know us better and to provide him with a starting point for the ceremony. 

Are you having a non-traditional wedding ceremony?  Let's hear about it!

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