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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Plenty of Packages

        My fiance stopped by his parents house to grab some of our mail the other day and we had 3 packages for us!  The sashes, the bridesmaids gifts, and the menus and programs had all arrived.  Everything looks AWESOME.  I LOVE the sashes - they are PERFECT.  The bridesmaids gifts are just what I wanted.  And the menus and programs look WONDERFUL (just like everything else that I order from Vistaprint).

     The only downside to the sashes is that they have the creases from how they were folded, so I'm going to have to unpack the iron and get to work pretty soon.  I'm hoping that I can iron them out now and put them over some hangers in one of the spare closets until the wedding.  I'll let you know how that adventure goes!

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