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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Happy Homeowners

      So we officially closed on our house last Wednesday.  Since then we have been extremely busy.  We went up to the lake for fireworks and a cookout for an early 4th of July celebration the same day we closed.  Then we spent ALL day Thursday and Friday getting the house ready to move in.  Then Saturday with the moving truck and a help from MANY, MANY friends and family members, we got everything moved in by Sunday.

     Well everything except for the furniture that is.  After being in storage for 3 months all of our furniture had mold on it (from the crazy weather we've been having).  We found out the hard way that insurance does not cover mold and storage units aren't liable for any damage done to your property while it is there.

     Fortunately, someone recommended an awesome cleaner specifically for mold - Concrobium.  All that I have to say is that if you ever have any mold you HAVE to buy this.  All of our furniture looks as good a new.  And you can use the spray on anything.  We did it on our wooden furniture and the couch.  Now that that's fixed and we have furniture we can really get settled in and get back to wedding planning.  Updates will be coming soon!

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