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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Photo Booth Fun

We've had so much going on that I almost forgot to mention that we are officially having a photo booth at our wedding.  I wanted one so badly, but after getting some price quotes it was completely out of the question.  However, we found a deal going on at  Complete Albany and could NOT resist.  We are only paying $300 for 2 hours of photo booth rental - which includes sales tax, photo booth with operator, unlimited pictures, unlimited prints, scrapbook, thumb drive of images and props!

Now we just have to decide where we are putting it and what time we want to have it for.  I am thinking of having it for the last 2 hours of the night to provide some more entertainment in case things start to die down.



  1. Oh man, photo booth! I've been entering contests like mad to try and win one, because there is no way we'll have the budget to get one properly. If not, maybe I'll try and DIY one with a polaroid and some kind of big backdrop.

    Will you be using the scrap book as a guest book alternative, or just as something additional?

    1. I know, I've wanted one SO BADLY. I've seen the DIY ones that looked awesome, you should definitely look into it. Also, no the scrapbook won't be used as a guest book alternative. It's something they give us after the fact filled with a copy of each photo strip.

    2. Here is what we are using as our guest book: