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Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Wedding Binder

I set to work today on creating my own wedding binder - I'm all about DIY and I love the option to personalize it.

Here's how I did it.


  • 3" round ring binder (I just used one that I already had 2-3" should be plenty)
  • 45 sheets of white cardstock ( I found a 150 ct. Pack of 110lb white cardstock at walmart for $5.48)
  • white round reinforcement labels ($1 for a pack of 924 at walmart - that is plenty!)
  •  20 Post-it note 3" durable tabs ( Like the ones here, but I found a pack of 20 in the store for $6.49)
  • 30 Post-it note 2" durable tabs (I bought these in store for $4.49)
  • 3-ring hole puncher (already had)
  • 17 Clear page sleeves (already had them, but you can get a 100 pack for abour $5 at walmart)
Total spent:  $17.46  

1.  Insert a sheet of white cardstock into each of the 17 page sleeves.  Place the 3" tabs on the right side of the clear page holders as shown.
                      - Create 6 with the tabs on the top

                      - Create 6 with the tabs in the middle

                      - Create 5 with the tabs on the bottom

2.  Arrange the clear sheets with tabs in alternating order, so that you have one page with a tab on top, followed by one with a tab in the middle, followed by one with a tab on the bottom, etc.  

3.  Next, hole punch the remaining cardstock.  You are going to affix the 2" tabs as needed to this cardstock to create smaller tabs.  

4. Using my list at the bottom of this post or your own list of categories and subcategories, write on your tabs.  Label each 3" tab with a category (i.e. Calendar) and the 2" tabs with the subcategories (i.e. Timelines).   
***Tip:  If you want your writing on the tabs to look neat, do what I did and type up all of the category names on the computer and then print out the list (depending on your font Size 16 and 18 work best).  Then you can place the print-out below your tabs and copy!**

5.  Once you have finished writing on all of your tabs, you are ready to assemble the binder.  I used the reinforcement labels on the hole-punched cardstock so make sure that it holds up through all of the use that it will be getting!  

***I also found a lot of helpful printouts that I included in my Wedding Binder.  I will be adding those soon!***

EDIT:  You can find my post about those links here.

This is an example of using the 2" tabs.  This was my Ceremony section.  

Categories and Subcategories List - Adjust as Needed
  • Calendar
    • Timelines
    • To-Do lists
  • Guest List
  • Registry
  • Budget
  • Decorations
  • Stationary
    • Save the Dates
    • Invitations
    • Programs
    • Other
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • Ceremony
    • Officiant
    • Venue
    • Readings and Vows
    • Music
    • Other
  • Reception
    • Venue
    • Food/Drinks
    • Favors
    • Seating Plan
    • Other
  • Flowers
  • DJ
  • Photographer
  • Cake
  • Guest Accommodations
    • Hotels
    • Transportation
    • Welcome Bags
    • Other
  • Gifts
    • Family
    • Wedding Party
  • Bride
    • Dress
    • Accessories
    • Hair and Make-up
    • Other
  • Bridesmaids
  • Groom
  • Groomsmen
  • Honeymoon

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  1. Thank you for posting this! I now have everything I need !!