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Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Ring - Part 3

I was beyond excited to get my ring back yesterday.  I immediately put it on and practically skipped out of the mall.  Once I was back home I went to take the ring off to get a good look at it and realized that it was pretty snug, more than it should have been.  After finally getting it off, I noticed multiple marks all over the ring and that the bad had lost its shape.  I called the store right away and explained the situation and asked what they could do.  After talking to both the store associate and a representative from their corporate office I was told that things like that happen and getting the ring fixed would take about two weeks.  

As upset as I was angry, I did what any crazy rationale woman would do:  sat on the couch, ate a few candy bars, and cried hysterically.  Fortunately, Dave got home a little later and was able to console me.  After a lengthy conversation, we finally decided that we were going to return the ring and get a new one.

So we began ring hunt number 2.  Success - we found our new ring that very same day.  It was so perfect, I couldn't have been happier.  I was even able to wear the ring out of the store that evening.

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