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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wedding Registry Sites

Dave and I have been working on our wedding registry.  We are considering doing three things:

  1. - a site that allows people to "buy" parts of your dream home.  A very cute way of asking for money for a house.  (Check out my post about the site here.)
  2. or a similar site that allows guests to pay for part of your honeymoon.
  3. - a site that allows you to register for anything that you find on-line.  You can also sync it with your in-store registries.
The best part of is that we can have everything that we register for available on one site.  Also, by registering in-store, we will gain the registry perks available from different stores.

This is the next big thing that we will be working on, so check back for detailed reviews of sites and stores.

EDIT:  Check out my reviews of various store registries here.  Also, my disappointing story involving IKEA here.

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