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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thinking Of You

After my trip to the doctors yesterday I found out that I am sick again for the third week in a row - I can't even believe it.  Also, I probably tore a muscle in my arm, so I currently can't extend it past a 90 degree angle.  From the doctors I dropped of my prescriptions and went home to lay down because I was exhausted   I needed to drive downtown to have my arm x-rayed, but I had no desire to get off the couch, let alone out of the apartment.

My lounging on the couch was interrupted by the mail man knocking at the door.  A package for me from my MOH, I had no idea what it was.  I was surprised to find a Bride 2013 hoodie and a card from my MOH and two bridesmaids.  My ladies are the best!!  Of course, the first thing I did was try it on and prance around the house, but afterwards I found the much needed motivation to go out and get my x-ray done.

That surprise couldn't have come at a more perfect time.


  1. I know! I had really wanted one too, so it really made my day.