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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Team Bridesmaids:Keep Out

So I've been going back and forth for some time now trying to decide if I did or didn't want to get robes for my ladies to get ready in on the morning of.  I finally decided that I wanted to go through with it.  I figured that they were nice gift for the day of that could be used after.

And the search began.  I looked all over the internet and wasn't having any luck finding well-made, solid color robes that were available in both purple (for the bridesmaids) and white (for myself).  The only place that I had luck finding anything like that was on Etsy. However, I couldn't get in on the Etsy/Pinterest monogrammed robe bandwagon.

While out at the mall today (while we were out buying our wedding bands), I decided on stopping into Macy's to see what they had.  And I am VERY glad that we did!  I found AWESOME purple and white waffle knit kimono robes at a great price.  They were on "sale" for 50%.  When I went to check out, they didn't ring up half off and so the cashier had me show her the sale sign.  Apparently those robes are brand new and weren't supposed to be on sale, but someone messed up (OOPS).  She still gave me the robes at half off because of the sign (which she immediately took down) AND I had a 10% off coupon.

After all of that, I got 6 robes for a grand total of $100.  What a deal - I still can't even believe it!  I'm super excited about my first bridesmaid gift purchase.

This is the robe - I got my bridesmaids robes in a nice lilac color and mine in white.

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