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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bridesmaids Dresses: Round 3

About 2 weeks ago we had finally decided on the bridesmaids dresses, but then I made the mistake of going onto David's Bridals website and found another dress that I liked.  Yikes!

So here are the final 2.  (The second set of pictures are what the dress would look like in our color).

Here are my thoughts:

I like dress 1 because the satin definitely gives it a more formal feel (which is what we are going for since we are having a formal ballroom wedding).  Also it's definitely affordable (only $100).

However, I also LOVE that dress 2 reminds me of my wedding dress.  But, I also think that it looks less formal because of the fabric.  This dress is also a little more pricey ($150).

Any thoughts?


  1. I like #2 with your dress! I was really big on finding something affordable for my girls, and ultimately it came down to what they were comfortable paying, and wearing. So there's my vote!

  2. Thanks Miss Spaghetti! I have such a hard time making decisions. I just sent out a SurveyMonkey to all of my bridesmaids to see what they vote for.