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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Eat, Drink, Be Happy!

So I talked about the VistaPrint Groupon deal that we used to buy our invitations and inserts.  We plan to use the second Groupon to buy our RSVP cards and Thank You cards.  In order to print the RSVP cards, that means that we need to make some decisions on the food.  We sat down yesterday to look at our package from the Franklin Plaza and our options.

So here's what we get (we will also be having cappuccino, cordials, and espresso with dessert)

As you can see, we have A LOT of decisions to make in regards to food.  However, at the moment, we only have to decide on two things for the RSVP cards:  our entree choices and our dessert choices.

First, we need to pick 3 entrees (We don't need to pick a vegetarian/vegan option ahead of time.  The plaza will personally call up vegetarians, vegans, and anyone else with a dietary restriction and will figure out a meal that works for them).    Here are our entree choices:

And we also need to pick 2 desserts that guests will get to decide between.

The one downfall to our venue is that we don't get to taste any of the food, but we are told that it is all very delicious.  Anyone else make their food decisions without trying?  

Also what choices would you like to see as a wedding guest?

Oh and to make everything even more difficult, they told us that if we want an entree or dessert that isn't already listed they can work with us to make it.  Too many options!


  1. love the menu, looks delicious. Newest follower.

  2. Thanks for joining in - I hope you enjoy the blog. I'm very excited about the menu, too bad we don't get to sample anything in advance. :(