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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Franklin Plaza Rave

In my post yesterday, I talked a little bit about the history of the Franklin Plaza, but I wanted to add to my reception hall rant.  Aside from the building itself, the people at the plaza are phenomenal.  We have been closely working with Joe before signing our contract.  As I said earlier, our wedding will be on a Sunday and we are planning on having 110 guests.  Our all inclusive price (tax, tip, etc.) is $11,000, coming out to exactly $100 per person.  And, since we are not 100% on the number of guests, if we go under the planned 110 guests, Joe has offered to throw in something extra.

I guess I should explain what we get for $11,000.  First, that includes our ceremony costs (we will be having our ceremony there as well).  That means the set-up and break-down of the ceremony, flowers for the ceremony, the podium, stands for the unity candles - all included.  Next, after our ceremony downstairs, we will head upstairs to a selection of 15 horderves (8 of our own selection and 7 of the houses picks).  Also, the house will provide music for the 1 1/2 hour long cocktail hour (that means less money on a DJ).  Oh, and of course, full open bar.

After cocktail hour then its time for dinner.  We start with a champagne toast, followed by a choice of appetizer, choice of salad,  and a choice of 3 entrée selections.  Aside from the 3 entrée selections there is awesome a fantastic selection for vegetarians and vegans.  We just have them call and talk to Joe and they will have a choice of 4 vegetarian and/or vegan entrées.  I don't think we even have any vegetarian or vegan friend or family, but I love that they aren't limited to just one dish, they get a variety just like everyone else and at no extra cost.  Also, the Franklin Plaza provides a wide range of options for their horderves, appetizers, salads, and entrees.  However, if we want something off the list they can do it, again at no extra charge.  How awesome is that?

Also, they will do speciality meals for our immediate family members (bride, groom, and our parents).  If one of use wants a special appetizer, salad, entree, etc. they will make it just for us!  Of course, you guessed it, this is all done at no extra charge.  Oh an did I mention that they feed all of your wedding professionals for free?

Back to the reception, following our entrees there will be our choice of dessert served with coffee and tea.  And if we want our guests to have a choice of two deserts, we can.  They will make their desert selection when they select their entree.  Finally, because I love hot chocolate, I asked Joe if we could add that in with dessert.  Of course, Joe said it was no problem.  In fact, he is now throwing in hot chocolate, cappuccino  espresso  and cordials all at no extra cost.  Oh, we are also have open bar the whole time.

OK.  I promise the rant is almost over.  At our fist meeting, Joe repeatedly told us to make sure that we ask him before we buy anything because they might have it.  For example, we our doing a cupcake "cake" - well they have the stands for it.  We are considering a candy bar - they have the variety of containers for it.  Toiletry baskets for the bathrooms - they have the baskets.  Centrepieces   They have gorgeous candelabras already included.  And for any of those extras Joe said all we have to do is bring what we want added (i.e. the cupcakes, candy, toiletries, etc.) and they will set all of it up for us at no extra cost.  Oh, it also turns out that they have dark purple napkins that perfectly match our wedding color!

Well, if you haven't already figured it out, I am obsessed with our venue.  I couldn't be happier with our decision.  We were able to get everything that we wanted and much, much more for less than we had budgeted.  If you have any questions about the Franklin Plaza please feel free to ask.

So, what about any of you ladies?  What do you love about your venue?

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