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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homeward Bound

So just yesterday my fiance got the best news ever - he can transfer back to Upstate New York for work!  Even better news:  we're leaving in just 12 days.  The bad news:  we're leaving in just 12 days.  That means we have 12 days to pack and figure out if we'll be hiring people to help us move, etc.  A lot to do in just 12 days.

Other good news - we'll actually be living in Upstate New York only a few minutes from where we are getting married (much better than living in Michigan about 12 hours away from it).  I can't even believe this is happen, I haven't stopped smiling since I got the news!

With that, I am going to hop off to start packing.  I will be EXTREMELY busy over the next too weeks, so I  don't know how frequently I'll be posting.  Also with all of the work we'll be putting into packing/moving/finding a house, that means wedding planning we temporarily be on hold.

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