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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Take Caution with Kohls

          Forever ago when I first started reviewing various store registries, I ended with Kohl's as one of my top picks.  So we went with it and registered at Kohls.  Unfortunately, we've experience a lot of difficulty with our registry their.  One by one items on our registry are becoming "no longer available" and then disappearing off the registry.  And they don't e-mail to keep you updated on these items either.  You will only notice the items missing if you go on to their site to manage the registry.  Yesterday I created a registry on and went through to find many of our 'missing' items on there.

        Moral of the story:  while Kohl's wedding registry has great perks, their inventory changes so frequently, that you need to constantly update your items and/or find some items elsewhere.

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