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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Kohl's Chaos

I warned you recently about my issues with Kohl's wedding registry.  Since then, I have had more issues with them.  I was out at my bachelorette weekend and received an email saying that the Ninja XL Blender was purchased.  AWESOME!

After the weekend trip I checked the registry.  I was surprised to see that it showed the blender as unpurchased.  I decided that the e-mail was incorrect and the blender actually hadn't been purchased. Three days later....the blender arrived in the mail.

I went back to the registry to check it again.  The blender still showed as unpurchased.  I tried to update it myself to say that it had been purchased, but was unsuccessful.  Finally, I decided to just delete it from the registry.

The main reason that I went with Kohl's for our registry was their 10% cashback perk.  From the time you register to the date of your wedding, you earn 10% cashback (which they give you in the form of a gift card) for each purchase made off your registry.  I was worried that because I deleted the blender, I wasn't going to receive the 10% back for it, so I planned to call within the next few days.

Then, we had a surprise in our mail yesterday - a second blender, purchased by a different guest.  So this morning I called Kohl's.  I explained the entire situation to them and was surprised by their responses.  I was told that I wouldn't receive the 10% back on either blender because I deleted it from my registry.  I explained again that I deleted it to avoid receiving multiple blenders.

Finally, after being transferred multiple times, I was told that they would add it back to my registry and show that 2 were purchased and I assured me that I would receive the cash back for both. I'm hoping that this is true, but who knows.  I only have one more item on my Kohl's registry and I'm just hoping that someone buys it soon, just so I don't have to deal with them any more.

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