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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Last Minute Decisions: Engagement Pictures

So as I've said, we are doing our engagement pictures this week.  We fly out tomorrow night and get into Albany just before midnight.  Thursday and Friday are booked for venue appointments.  Saturday and Sunday will be decision making (hoping to pick a venue)/engagement picture days.  I am looking for some last minute advice on the pictures.

Some questions I have are:

  • How should I do my nails?  
    • I was thinking either a clear coat or french tip for my fingernails.  As for my toenails, I was thinking a bright red to go with my peep-toe red shoes.
  • What about hair?     
    • My hair is naturally straight and boring.  I am definitely getting it trimmed before the pictures, but I was thinking of just getting it blown-out the day of the pictures.
  • What about make-up?
    • I hardly ever wear make-up and when I do its only basic black mascara and a little eye-shadow.  I don't know what do for the pictures.   
  • How many locations?
    • I currently have three locations in mind all within 5 minutes of one another and I have a different outfit for each one.
  • Any other advice:  What did you wish you had known before taking your engagement pictures?
Please comment below.  I would to here your suggestions or maybe other questions that you have!


  1. Hi, new reader here (I found you on Weddingbee: love the blog-share posts each month!!). I absolutely loved getting my e-pics taken--one of my favorite things about wedding planning so far--so I'm sure you'll have a blast!

    Nails: I used a polish that would bring out the pink sapphires in my engagement ring: they're going to take a lot of hand shots so you definitely want pretty nails! I would say instead of clear polish, maybe a light neutral (like a shimmery cream or light pink?) to really bring out the sparkle in your ring: or a French manicure would be great too.

    Makeup: My photographer advised me to use natural makeup; you want to look like yourself but you also want your skin to photograph well, so I would use foundation or a light tinted moisturizer, concealer, and then the basics--mascara, blush, maybe a little light eyeshadow. You definitely don't need anything extreme, just to even your skintone and polish everything up so it looks good for film.

    Hair: You definitely could blow it out, but if you like your hair straight and down, that's fine too: I didn't do anything special with my hair!

    If you have any props that are significant for your engagement/wedding/relationship, definitely bring those: I didn't have a ton but we did have Bride & Groom Mickey Mouse ears for a few shots, which were super-fun, and I made a super-simple ribbon banner with my date on it for my Save the Date postcards.

    Otherwise, my only other advise is just to relax and enjoy them: I was slightly stressed about my engagement pictures because I didn't know what to expect, but our photographer was wonderful and both Mr. E and I had an awesome time!!

  2. Miss K,

    I also love the wedding bee monthly blog board. Do you have a blog too? I'd love to check it out.

    Thanks for the advice. The only thing that I'm concerned about still is the make-up. I don't even own concealer, so I don't know if I should wear that. As far as make-up goes, maybe once a week I put on some mascara.

    From what I've been reading you should go heavier on the make-up then you typically would in order for it to show up well in the pictures. I like your thoughts on just going natural though.