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Monday, September 17, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

So, I haven't posted in quite a while.  As I said, I've started my new job, so I've been super busy.  We basically haven't done anything wedding related since the engagement pictures (OOPS!).  However, I was just on my "Team Bridesmaids" site today and saw my countdown for my engagement party - only 12 days away!  WOW!  Time does fly.  My fiancée and I realized that we've almost been engaged for 3 months, where did the time go?

As many people, I am using as one of my go-to wedding planning sites.  According to my checklist on there, we have a few things to start working on:

  • sign our wedding reception/ceremony venue contract
  • start deciding on our reception menu
  • find an officiant for the ceremony
  • finalize our guest list
  • search for a DJ or band
  • visit florists
  • start planning out save the dates and invitations
  • start dress shopping 
  • work on our registry
What a list!!   Fortunately, we already have some of that planned out.  We will be signing the contracts in November when we are back in the New York area for Thanksgiving.    We have also decided where we are registering and have started the process, but need to get it all finalized.  So, I guess we've got a good start on things.  Not to mention, we have the next 3 months to work on the list.  Time to get back into wedding planning I guess!  

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